Among Santa Monica’s Best Home Remodeling Contractors,
Simril Has a Reputation for Doing Everything…Right!

Part of the beauty of living in Santa Monica is having a home that reflects “the LA lifestyle.” So when it’s time to remodel, update the exterior or add more space, you expect your remodeler to be an expert on home remodeling and on that signature Santa Monica Style. Simril Design and Construction is the home remodeler known for offering both.

Simril is the remodeling contractor trusted by homeowners here in the California communities on the west side of Los Angeles. We’ve developed proven processes that enable us to tightly control every step of each residential remodeling project yet deliver truly personal remodeling that reflects our clients’ unique tastes and lifestyles.

Our quality home remodeling comes with actual guarantees

We take on only a very select number of remodeling projects in Santa Monica, so we can maintain a high level of service and attention to detail.

The approach and home remodeling approach and systems we use are so consistent in delighting homeowners, that we can give our clients an On Time, On Budget Guarantee. Plus, we can also offer an exceptional 3+6+10 Year Limited Warranty for Santa Monica projects, including most kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, exterior remodeling and home additions.

We’re a Design Build home remodeler that can also work with your architect

Our Simril design build remodeling team can handle every aspect of your home remodel from concept through construction. Or, we can team with your architect from the initial phases of the remodeling project to provide input on how design decisions will affect construction and costs later in the project. We can even be your post-design construction contractor, working from plans you already have.

Learn More! Call Simril today to schedule a FREE consultation to discuss your Santa Monica remodeling project.

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