Questions to Ask References

Here is a list of questions you might want to consider asking a prospective remodeler’s past clients. Ask them all or select the ones you feel are most important to you.

Also see Questions to Ask Prospective Remodelers.

  1. What was the nature of the project the remodeler did for them?
  2. When was it done?
  3. Was it their first time remodeling?
  4. If not, how did this project compare to others they were involved with?
  5. Do they have any relationship to the remodeler other than as homeowner/remodeler?
  6. Was the project completed on time?
  7. Was the project completed on budget?
  8. Did the field crew and any subcontractors keep the work area and your home as neat and clean as you thought they should have?
  9. How would they rate their satisfaction with the remodeler? Their staff? Their subcontractors? The way they resolved problems?
  10. How satisfied were they with the results?
  11. How satisfied were they with the experience?
  12. Was the final cost as promised? Were there any additional costs after the final contract price was established? Were they approved in advance or surprises? Did the homeowner feel they were fair?
  13. Were there any surprises during the project? If so, what were they and how were they handled?
  14. Was the craftsmanship as good as they represented it would be?
  15. Was it easy to work with the crew, management, and accounting?
  16. Was communicating with the field and office staff easy or difficult? If so, in what ways?
  17. Were they kept informed about the schedule and what was going to happen when?
  18. Would they use the remodeler again?
  19. Would they recommend the remodeler to their best friends?

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