Home Remodeling: What ISN’T Changing

Home remodeling has certainly changed! Home construction is greener, home renovation includes all kinds of new products and gadgets, and from kitchens to whole house remodels, styles tend to be simpler and more streamlined. But here is one thing that hasn’t changed: people still love their books and still want a home remodel to include places where they can store, display and enjoy their treasured volumes.

You might not think that from browsing the pages of current shelter magazines that show such pared down interiors. But the truth is, that even in the age of iPads and Kindles, house remodeling contractors know how much people like to live with their books. Today, when we talk about home construction with clients, they often put built-in bookcases or a reading nook on their wishlist.

If you love living with favorite books, here are a few interesting ideas to consider in thinking about how to include them in your own upcoming home remodel:

  1. Try shelving books in unexpected places: you don’t have to do a whole house remodel to create a mini-library! As a house remodeling contractor, we can design and build interesting shelves to display books in almost any room. In the dining room, for example, books can be great for starting conversations.
  2. Carve out a bit of space for a reading nook: widening a landing, for example, can create a quiet, cozy place to read that’s away from the bustle of the family room or other busy areas of the home. Remodeling that includes a pretty window lets you enjoy sunshine and a lovely view as you read.
  3. Use doors on the front of bookshelves: With doors that slide, open or even roll up tambour-style,  even the most tattered – but beloved – book collection fits in with the sleekest, most minimalist interior design.

We can help you include books in your home – remodeling your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or whole house to the perfect spaces for a few cherished books or hundreds! Want some ideas to get started? Just give us a call!

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