What Type of Home Addition is Right for You?

When home addition contractors ask what type of addition you’d like to build, we don’t expect you to say, “A shed two-dormer pop top.” Instead, what we’re really asking about is the functionality of the home addition you’re looking for.

Examples: Do you want to expand your entire kitchen, or just add space for a mudroom or a sunny breakfast nook? Do you want to build an all-new great room, or just loosen up the space of an existing family room? Do you just want to turn a carport into a garage, or also turn the space over the new garage into a separate wing for teenagers, guests or in-laws?

The more you can tell us about what you want the space to do, the better job we can do of mapping out initial ideas. For instance, if you tell us you want to add two bedrooms and a bath to your house, we can explore many different options to see what is the best type of home addition for you.

Second-story home additions – including attic conversions and “pop-tops” – can be a very good solution since they don’t require building a new foundation. But if you want larger rooms or more flexibility in the windows and floor plan, it might be better to build a full second-story addition.

There are also cases where “while you’re at it” thinking can reward you with major extra living space. For example, if you have a two-story home and you’re thinking of doing a first-floor kitchen/family room addition, “while you’re at it” you might want to build the addition as a two-story structure and add a spacious new master suite over the newly expanded kitchen.

We’ve been a home addition contractor for years, and in our experience the best home additions come from taking the time to get a clear focus on what kinds of spaces you’d like to add to your home, as well as the “feel” you’d like them to have in terms of windows, openness, and architectural interest. Then, from small bump-outs, porches, sunrooms, two-story additions or entire wings, we can design the most functional and the most beautiful home addition for your needs, your lot, your existing home, and your budget.

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