Home Additions: What’s In, What’s Out

Instead of putting their homes on the marketing, many homeowners are staying put. But staying put doesn’t mean homeowners want to stay stuck with a home that’s too small. This is why home additions are “in” and contractors like us are being asked to come up with fresh new ways not only to create new space, but to use the addition to enhance the entire home’s style and livability.

With that in mind, here are a few “ins and outs” to consider if you’re planning a home addition:

OUT: Additions with built-in desks and lots of bookcases.
IN: Flexible “nooks” for laptops, iPads and flatscreens.

Today’s technology takes up less space! Plus, we’re wireless so we don’t need a fixed “station” to do our work, surf the Web, listen to music or look up recipes. As a result, the kinds of desks and built-in bookcases that were priorities in home and kitchen additions just a few years ago aren’t at the top of the list today. Instead, the trend is toward creating flexible spaces. In the kitchen for instance, we might design in space for a flatscreen monitor cooks can pull up recipes from the computer and have them displayed right at eye level as they cook.

OUT: Kitchen additions with heavy wall cabinetry.
IN: Windows … and big storage closets.

The trend is to make kitchen additions look less “storage heavy” and more like the other living spaces of the home, with plenty of wall space for artwork. But when you take away cabinets, you take away storage. So, an important feature in kitchen additions is to have contractors find space elsewhere in the layout to include really large closets or even storage rooms that can handle everything from kitchenware “overflow” to warehouse-sized packages of household staples.

OUT: Additions with fewer walls.
IN: Open floor plans and natural light.

Homeowners today want to bring the outdoors in! That’s why many home additions for which we’re doing serving as general contractor are going light on walls in favor of more windows. Even bathroom additions are including larger windows. Interior walls are coming out in favor of a more seamless integration of kitchen and living spaces. Where walls are needed, we might use glass to keep natural light flowing throughout the addition.

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