What’s the ROI on Exterior Remodeling?

Does lack of curb appeal or the need to replace windows or siding have you thinking about exterior remodeling? Contractors always look at both the up-front cost of the remodeling and the pay back over time. Here’s what we see:

What you’ll pay depends on the scope of the exterior remodeling you have in mind, from simply replacing and updating what you have to rethinking the entire look and configuration of your home. We’re always happy to help you explore options – including options you might not even know are possible within your budget. And, once you’ve picked specific products, finishes and materials, we can give you a very specific cost. But that’s just the starting point. You also want to see what that investment will buy you.

For starters, we always think in terms of the “daily dividend” – the everyday enjoyment you get from a home that is more beautiful and that works perfectly for your family and lifestyle. That has a value, but of course it’s hard to quantify in dollars and cents. Still, it’s a major part of the pay-back on exterior remodeling.

You can quantify other types of ROI, however.

For starters, installing new windows and energy-efficient siding can immediately begin paying you back in terms of lower heating and cooling bills. They can cut the time and expense of maintenance, too. We have a great deal of experience as exterior remodeling contractors and can share data on average energy savings associated with all types of projects, materials and building techniques. It’s worthwhile to see what those savings could be this year … and each year thereafter.

Next, consider how much today’s exterior remodeling can add to tomorrow’s resale value on home. It can be substantial. In fact, four exterior remodeling projects top the list of Remodeling Magazine‘s Cost vs. Value Report. Here’s the estimated resale value:

  1. Remodeling your front door: 102.1%
  2. Remodeling your garage/garage door: 83.9%
  3. Installing fiber-cement siding: 80%
  4. Remodeling/installing a wood deck: 72.8%

You might be surprised at how your perspective on the cost changes when you factor in the savings and eventual resale value!

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