Need Exterior Repairs? Think Exterior Remodeling.

Between storms, harsh weather and aging materials, we all know how Mother Nature and Father Time can be hard on your home’s exterior. Renovation – instead of just repairing or replacing what’s damaged is a way we can help you fix what needs repair or replacement while we also give the exterior of your home a whole new look. Many of today’s exterior remodeling materials also give you a makeover in terms of lowering energy costs and maintenance.

Here’s one example: homeowners who discovered water damage under their vinyl siding decided to look at exterior remodeling options. They ended up choosing fiber-cement siding because it is durable, low maintenance, moisture-resistant and comes in so many different textures, shapes and sizes. Instead of just repairing the damaged siding, they did a cost-effective exterior renovation that dramatically updated the home’s curb appeal. In addition, repairing the home’s water damaged wood created an opportunity to economically enlarge an existing deck which opened up the look and feel of the interior as well.

With an eye toward exterior remodeling, the possibilities can be exciting – and affordable. So before you settle for repairs or replacements, give us a call.  In the meantime, for ideas on what’s possible, take a look at our Exterior Remodeling photo gallery.

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