Exterior Remodeling to Reduce Maintenance

There’s a big difference in how you feel coming home to a well-kept older home vs. driving up to a home where aging siding, weather-beaten trim, and a cracked cement walkway all cry out for attention. That’s why exterior remodeling can make such a difference not only to the look of your home, but how you feel about it. Plus, with an eye toward new materials and construction options, exterior renovation can also reward you with lower maintenance.

Instead of just replacing a cracked cement walkway, for instance, you could consider exterior remodeling that changes the look of your home and eliminates worries that your new walkway will crack again. Brick or flagstone, for instance, not only give a richer look to your home’s exterior, they are set in sand or bluestone so they can “move” rather than crack like cement often can over time.

If your trim needs attention, replacing the wood and painting it is not your only option the exterior. Renovation could instead be done with products like Azec. From exterior fascias to trim for windows and doors, these products are easy for us to install, come in a variety of colors so we can get the right look for your home, and they never need painting.

If you have wooden siding – or siding that has been damaged or has just started to look old, you can replace it with new materials and even a whole new look. Today’s suite of low-maintenance exterior remodeling products includes everything from brick and stone to never-needs-painting siding. Cement board siding, for example, is not only a virtually maintenance-free exterior option, it also helps insulate your home to increase energy efficiency.

So, if you need to focus some attention on your home’s exterior, renovation options can help you enjoy a home that’s more attractive and easier to maintain for years to come.

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