Exterior Remodeling Projects That Make a Difference (part 1)

What’s the ROI on exterior remodeling?  New curb appeal, resale value, daily enjoyment, greater functionality and – if you do it right – significant savings in energy costs and maintenance as well.


Resale value isn’t the only reason to think about exterior remodeling. Curb appeal also means having an attractive, well-cared-for house that welcomes you home every day of the year. Stand in front of your home.  How welcoming is it? If it isn’t up to par, exterior remodeling can make all the difference. Best of all, whether you’re thinking of a major exterior remodeling project or small improvements, today’s new materials can help you build in lower energy costs and maintenance at the same time you’re enhancing your home’s attractiveness and eventual resale value.

Why invest in exterior remodeling?


1.       Exterior remodeling is as part of another remodeling job, such as a home addition.  Instead of just having the extra room “stuck” on, the entire exterior of the home is remodeled to integrate the new living space with the existing structure.

2.       Resale value prompts homeowners to use exterior remodeling to improve curb appeal and update the look of the home.  Adding a new entry door, for example, is a popular upgrade that continues to give homeowners a high ROI in terms of resale.

3. Repairs and replacements often lead to more extensive exterior remodeling. For example, when replacing old windows, homeowners can rethink not only the type of window, but the sizes and shapes – transforming those 1960s picture windows into French doors, Palladian arches or even Craftsman-styled windows and transforming the home’s exterior to match the new style.


4. Enjoyment is also a big factor. Homeowners may like the idea of exterior remodeling as a quick way to give their home a different look, adding a friendly front porch, covered entry or new deck and outdoor living room.


Our next post on this subject will be about the types of exterior remodeling projects that make the biggest difference.





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