Exterior Remodeling: Curb Appeal That Can Curb Energy Bills, Too!

Whether you live in a newer home or an older home, exterior remodeling can make a big difference in the way your home looks and feels – and in your energy bills, too. If your renovation plans include updating the exterior of your home, we can suggest ways to upgrade energy performance at the same time.

Energy savings “on the side.” If you’re just changing your home’s siding as part of your exterior remodeling project, one proven contractor secret is to add rigid-foam sheathing under replacement siding, installing insulated siding. This makes a big difference in keeping air from leaking out of your home and improving the efficiency of heating and cooling systems.

Insulated siding has rigid foam insulation fused behind the exterior surface of the siding panel. This reduces energy costs year-round. As contractors, we like these materials because they’re low-maintenance for homeowners. And, on the design side, many forms of insulated siding have the look and texture of real wood.

Windows and Doors: Your Opening to Energy Savings. If exterior remodeling includes replacing windows and doors, you have a wonderful opportunity to choose the latest energy-saving products. High-performance windows provide warmer interior surfaces during the winter and cooler interior surfaces during the summer, so your home always feels just right. Today’s exterior doors often fit better and are better insulated compared to older-style doors.

Installation is critical to how well your doors and windows will perform energy-wise. We’re one of the best contractors in this area and we stay fully up to date on energy-saving techniques that not only tackle heat loss around frames, but optimize the energy-efficiency of the exterior walls surrounding the windows and doors.

The bottom line is that exterior remodeling does more than make your home beautiful — it can make it beautifully energy-efficient, too!

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